Don't be Discreet, Love Your Feet

Feet First Clinic

Feet First Clinic, a prominent foot and ankle chiropody clinic in Toronto, experienced remarkable growth through a full-scope SEO push and data-driven marketing, leading to operational development and sustained business expansion with a strong internal team.


Meaningful Results

#1 SEO

#1 in Canada Amongst SEO Competitors in Our Industry


Monthly Organic Website Users After Year 1 (from 1200/m)


ROAS on Google Ads Spend


Increase in Monthly Booked Services

Execution Gallery

Simple yet impactful executions, with an elegant play on typography and color segmentation.

Results Summary

Data-Driven Results

12 months later and we've reached #1 in Canada for SEO rank within our demographic industry (Independent Chiropody/Podiatry Clinics); based on industry-leading SEO software AHREFS. Our PPC lead generation services resulted in a 400% increase in monthly booked services, and 12x ROAS with Google Ads. All whilst reducing the cost per click by 8% every month. Monthly organic website traffic has also increased by 120x, from 1,200 average monthly users to 120,000 and climbing.


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"Joe's the best, 4 years working together and he's still full of surprises. Great people doing great work!"

Bianca Carter, CEO
Feet First Clinic