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RM Tech Canada

We helped RM Tech Canada overcome growth challenges by devising a tailored strategy that expanded their customer base, diversified their marketing efforts, set internal KPI objectives, improved customer success and retention, and streamlined the sales and marketing evaluation process, leading to scalable success through actionable improvements.


Driving Results


Increase in Monthly Revenue


Additional Income Streams


New Locations / Brick and Mortar Expansions

+5 million

Monthly Brand Impressions

Execution Gallery

Utilizing a traditional and modern hybrid style while highlighting the details.

Results Summary

Data-Driven Results

In collaboration with RM Tech Canada, we implemented a data-driven and customized marketing plan, incorporating digital marketing, lead generation, SEO, B2B sales, refreshed visual brand identity, business collaborations, and eCommerce extension, resulting in a 300% revenue growth within 300 days, increasing monthly revenue from $30,000 to $90,000, and introducing three additional streams of income while enhancing customer service and support.


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"I'm impressed time and time again, Joe is very easy to work with, great work as well. I'm glad we met!"

Michel Bou Karam, CEO
RM Tech Canada